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This was never meant to be a proper album. In fact Fallutin existed to create distance between recorded rituals and compensation.


released October 29, 2016

This interview was conducted by Kristian Day for Iowa Music Buzz.

KD: Talk about your background in music and how many projects you have been involved in and list them.

Ben: My relationship with music is bipolar; both as a listener and creator. To me the language of music is a more palpable means of human expression and interaction. I have always found it to behold powers that cant be found elsewhere. Sometimes I have made music that is reactionary: such as Clean Mountain, Asskrispie, Cannibal Horse and now Fallutin. At other times I have made expressive and evocative music such as with Satan's Almighty Penis, Harm, or When Bitter Spring Sleeps. Music is without question the most important part of my life.

KD: You have been involved in a lot of diverse projects spanning from black metal to hybrid fashions of noise. What took to you down the path of Fallutin?

Ben: I found myself wishing to hear something less fashioned, less refined and very inhuman, less typical than everything else I'd ever heard. Almost an anti-music in many ways. My thirst for something original and interesting was so parched that I was led to this reaction to that desire.

KD: What was your first recording session? What key elements got your attention during that session?

Ben: Song One was a recording session with my good friend Mark (who also plays in Stinky Jones). It took place in a candle lit mud floor cellar in my basement. It was unorchestrated & improvisational. We used old synthesizers, guitars, bricks, rocks, sheet metal, power tools and a unique recording setup to capture the intimate production. During the session it was boldly evident that every artistic decision I and Mark had made up to that point had delivered me exactly what I was seeking to hear. It was more fulfilling than I had anticipated.

KD: How did you record?

Ben: I used a mini-cassette recorder and a digital voice recorder, then mixed the tracks together on my computer.

KD: How do you think the environment influences the performance?

Ben: The darkness makes it a bit easier to concentrate on listening. The candles definitely lend a vibe to what we are trying to accomplish.

KD: As of right now Fallutin is available as an Mp3 release, do you see Fallutin being released on other formats? Not CDs, but maybe cassette or vinyl?

Ben: I wish to use Fallutin as a vehicle for some different ethics that I wish to impart on other musicians and artists. Therefore Fallutin is free to download and use however anyone sees fit, regardless of recompense, put it in your movie, short film, haunted house, art gallery whatever. I am not willing to accept money for this project, however I will trade for textiles and wares that will further the creative process of Fallutin. I also do not wish for Fallutin to exist in any tangible format. There are enough tapes, CDs, and records to clog the earths vessels for decades after our species is erased from the planet. I urge other artists and musicians to consider adopting this ethos as well. The reward for creating art is creation of art.

KD: Are there any other things you want people to know?

Ben: Stop having babies and going to church. Create something today.



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